Male AbsIs that thick band of fat around your waist causing you embarrassment?  Is your answer 'Yes'?  Most people who have pot bellies feel embarrassed in public. Do you try to hide your embarrassment in layers of clothing?  Or do you hide away at home to avoid being seen in public?  This is how I felt when I had the "Spare Tire" around my middle.

However, as you know, feeling humiliated is not going to help you to get rid of that excess weight around your waist. You need to shake and move your body.  By getting a strong and lean midsection you would not only be improving your looks but also reap a host of other benefits also. Let’s get belly wise and find out why you need to start ab workouts immediately.

Belly fat – why it is bad for you?

Most people are worried over their weight. They consider the scale as the sole indicator of good health and every time the needle tilts on one side they freak out. However, the truth is weight cannot be the only determinant of your health; your vital stats also count. A lot of studies have been carried on regarding this and the most extensive one has been done by the New England Journal of Medicine. The 10-year long study has revealed that more than your weight, how you carry that weight in your body matters.

Before and  After WomenSo, along with the weighing scale keep the measuring tape also handy if you want to keep a check on your health. For women, waist measuring more than 35 inches and for men measuring above 40 inches spells risks of several health hazards. Let us check out these health hazards so that you have more reasons to tone your abdominals and get fitter and healthier.

People who have fat in their midsection are often found to be insulin resistant. Now what does that mean? Insulin is the hormone that helps us to burn energy. When you get insensitive to insulin, your body pumps more of the hormone to utilize the blood sugars which throws your entire system out of wack. Just consider this fact. This condition affects over 50 millions of Americans. Isn’t it scary?

The direct impact is that these people that suffer from type 2 diabetes also usually have high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.  Which further complicates the situation as these diseases increase the chances of getting heart diseases.

So now you know those love handles are not good for your health, your looks, or your confidence.

Have I scared you?

Six Pack Life WomenDon’t worry.   You can change your situation just like I did.  I used My 6 Pack Life to change my life.  I was where you are now, but no longer thanks to this program.

The scare tactics were necessary to make you move from your seat and get into action. If you are still waiting for more inspiration, here are a few reasons why you should work on your abs diligently.

Benefits of working on your abs

Visit any gym or yoga center and the first thing they would do is to make you work on your abs. Crunches, plunges and all the weight training are meant to make your core muscles stronger.

A strong core provides more support to the spine and the back muscles and hence you become less prone to lower back pains. Lifting heavy objects is made easier with strong abdominals

People who are into sports like tennis or badminton or baseball gain a lot from strong abs as they can actually hit harder. The strong muscles of the abdomen help you to generate more energy and spread it throughout the body.

Lost weightYou will live longer. Yes, a slimmer waistline is positively related to less chances of falling ill and a higher chance of living a longer healthier life.

The first direct effect of strong and lean abdominal muscles is on your self-image. You feel more confident, your self-esteem boosts and your posture also improves. All this means you can wear your favorite clothes confidently.

Moreover, with a strong core, your balance would also improve and make you less likely to fall. This definitely would help you to stay away from injuries as you age.Your muscular endurance would increase and you can recover quickly after your ab workouts. You would also experience a drop in your resting heart rate.

As your mid section gets slimmer, you decrease your chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Even your LDL and HDL cholesterol ratio will improve.

A strong midsection means a stable body which again implies that you would not be exerting too much pressure on your knees and hips. Strong core muscles also decrease chances of suffering from hiatus hernia.

If you are a woman, you have more reasons to rejoice. Women who exercise their abs regularly and have strong core muscles have a less painful labor. They also recover faster after delivery.

Six Pack Life MenSo now you know why you should be concentrating more on your abs. You are also sufficiently motivated to join My 6 Pack Life and start working on your abs. However, if you really want your efforts to show results you need to make sure that you are doing the right exercises and also in right order.  This program helps you do just that.

Let’s see how you can make your efforts bear faster results.

Choose right Ab Workouts

As far as your core is considered, you need to choose exercises that would affect those muscles directly. The My 6 Pack Life program will give you step by step instructions on how to train your abdominal muscles.

Eat healthy

Your diet has a lot to do with a flat tummy. Avoid sugary foods and foods made from refined flour. Include plenty of lean proteins in your diet as you need them to build your muscles. Along with these, eat in small amounts and at regular intervals. Remember that starving makes your body go into conservation mode. Eat healthy and often to boost your metabolism.

Get enough sleep

Oh yes. Sleep is necessary to balance the hormones that have a lot to do with fat accumulation in the body. Getting enough sleep ensures that you are relaxed, your hormones are in balance and you are not tired to hit the gym!

Women's AbsBreathe Correctly

Many of us do not pay attention to our breathing when we workout. However, when it comes to abdominal exercises, breathing correctly can hasten the process of losing weight.  Pay attention to your breathing and very soon you will see the results.

Variation is the key

I have seen many people showing good results in the beginning but later on hitting a plateau. This happens because they get stuck in a rut. Doing same exercises and same number of times makes the body get accustomed to them. So, you need to introduce variations so that the body is challenged enough and does not hit the plateau. Increase the number of reps you do or the weights or just get into a different regime.

The greatest thing you need in your fight against belly fat is motivation. Make your health your priority and imagine how good you would look in a slim body and never give up. You deserve to look good and feel good. Start your ab workouts today and find out how drastically your life changes.

Check out this website for great information about ab workouts for women.  I love the program that is offered on this website and would recommend it to everyone.

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