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Lower Ab Workouts

Lower Ab Workouts

Lower Ab WorkoutsIf you want your abs to look truly chiseled, one particular area to focus on is your lower abs. This is the lower section of your "six-pack" plus the muscles that make up your lower external obliques on either side of your abdominal region. When you work on your abs, the fat loss starts at the top of your abs, then continues downward. So, sculpting your lower abs is the final step in getting that tight and lean six-pack. Here are some effective lower ab exercises that will get you well on your way.

Reverse Crunch

Lie down with your back flat on the floor. Bend your knees and lift your legs at the hips until your quadriceps are perpendicular to the floor. Your knees are bent and your feet are off the floor. Your hands are behind your head. Tighten your abs and slowly lift your hips off of the floor, pulling your knees in toward your head. When your knees reach the height of your chest, hold for about a second, then slowly lower your knees to their original position, feet still in the air. For a bigger challenge, you can keep your knees pointing straight up as you raise your hips high. This forces your lower abs to tighten and work even more. Do this around 15 to 20 reps.

Hanging Knee Raises

Grasp a pull-up bar with both hands at shoulder-width apart. Straighten your back and hang. Tighten your lower abs and raise your knees slowly until they are parallel to the floor. Lift by using your ab muscles for support and not by swinging or momentum. Hold the position for a second, then slowly drop your knees, with your abs controlling the motion. Do 10 to 20 reps. For a bigger challenge, change that to a leg raise. Instead of bending your knees, keep your legs straight as you raise them until they are waist high. Lower them slowly. As you get stronger, lift your legs even higher, to the chest level, then to the bar level.

Jack KnifeV Hold

Lie down flat on the floor. Place both hands on the floor on either side of your body, palms down. At the same time, lift your body and legs off the floor so they form a 45-degree angle, or a V shape. Your legs should be straight and steady. Tighten your abs and hold the V shape for about 30 seconds. If you are able, hold this position longer, up to two minutes. Slowly lower your legs and body, keeping your abs tight and legs straight, until your body is flat on the floor again.

Jack Knife With an Exercise Ball

Lie on your stomach and position your feet and shins on top of the ball. Straighten your legs and arms and get into a push-up position. Your body forms a bridge. Tighten your abs, and roll the ball toward your hips by bending your knees until your quadriceps are at 90 degrees to the floor. Hold for a second, then roll the ball back, straightening your legs. Do this for 10 to 20 reps.

These are just a few lower ab workouts that you can incorporate into your exercise regimen that should include cardio and weight training. Combine that with a high quality diet, and you will get that perfectly lean and flat abdomen in no time.

For Women

Ab Workouts For Women

abs womenAre you ready to uncover a beautiful new you?

Many women suffer from weight gain, especially around the abdominal region which can result in a hindered self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a number of basic ab exercises for women that can help you regain your youthful fit body.

Women of all ages can benefit from the basic ab workouts below, and all you need is to dedicate three days per week to perform them.

As a quick starter tip, you can get more out of your exercise routine by doing them in circuit form. Do one set of each of the exercises below, and wait 30 seconds in between each. Once you've finished your circuit, give yourself a minute to rest and rinse and repeat.

Exercise 1: The Plank Position

Set your body in a natural push-up position, but instead of locking your elbows, bend them until you feel that your weight has shifted from your elbows to your forearms. In this position, your body should now be completely straight. To get the most out of this stretch, brace your stomach like you would if someone were to punch it, and hold it like this for 60 seconds. Make sure you keep up a good form doing this which is not raising your buttocks or dropping your hips.

Side PlankExercise 2: The Side Plank

Using your right forearm, prop yourself up on your side while making sure your legs are completely straight. This position should help you form a diagonal line, allowing you to once again brace your abs for 60 seconds. Your knees and hips should stay completely off the floor, as otherwise, the exercise won't work to its fullest extent.

Exercise 3: Lunging With Rotation

For this exercise, you will need one dumbbell you can hold with both hands; choose one that's anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds. With your arms straight out, make sure to stand hip-width apart with your legs. Using your left foot, take one step forward. While twisting your torso to the left, form 90 degree angles with your legs by lowering your body and bending your knees. During this exercise, make sure you're still bracing your abs. Slowly twist your body back to center, using your left foot, push off the ground and stand back up.

ball workoutThis exercise should be performed for your left and right side of the body, so make sure to rotate accordingly.

Bending your knees and keeping your feet planted firmly, lie on the ground. Keep your arms at shoulder level with your palms up, and rest them on the floor. Slowly, start raising your hips in order to create a bridge effect. Raise your left knee towards your chest while bracing your abs. Hold this position for two counts before doing this with your right leg.

These basic ab workouts for women can help you start working towards your goal of reducing belly fat and toning your abdominal regions. With enough practice, these routines will become second nature to you.

For Men

Ab Workouts For Men

Spiderman PlankStaying in shape is something every man thinks about from time to time. Even those who don't want huge, hulking muscles, still think about toning their core and showing off that six pack. There are a lot of great ab workouts for men for all different experience levels. Whether you've been visiting the gym every week for years or you just want to tone up in your free time around the house, here are a few of the best ab workouts.

The Spiderman Plank:

The plank is one of the most efficient ab workouts for men when it comes to building a strong core and defining the abdominal muscles. There are a lot of variations on the traditional plank. Some of them are designed to target more specific areas. Of all the possibilities, the Spiderman plank is one of the best ab exercises for men.

The Spiderman plank is also incredibly simple. You begin in the traditional plank stance. Your forearms should support the majority of your weight as you hold your body in a straight position. Then, bring forward your right knee until it meets your right elbow.

Hold this position for a brief second and then return to your original position. Repeat the process with the left knee and elbow. Completing the left and right side is a single rep. 10 reps during your next workout is a great start towards building a stronger core. Increase the intensity as it becomes easier.

Feel free to try other variations of the plank as well if repeating the same stance gets too boring after a while. Almost all of the different plank techniques are great at toning the core. They force the core muscles to fight the rotation of the body.

A Variety Of Crunches:

Perhaps the only ab workout more popular and well-known that the plank, is the crunch. Despite contrary belief, it's not easy to “crunch your way to a six pack”. However, various crunch techniques can make a great addition to any workout routine.

CrunchesLuckily, the crunch is also a very simple exercise that you can do with little space and no equipment. The only set-back of the traditional crunch is that it targets only the abs and doesn't work the rest of the muscles equally as well. The best exercises will work multiple muscle groups.

To do a traditional crunch you lie flat on the floor with both arms resting flat at your side. You then bend your knees. Cross both arms and hands across your chest. Lift your upper body upwards towards the ceiling using only your abdominal muscles. Keep your head facing straight up. If this gets too easy you can try placing a weight on your chest to increase the intensity.

Don't Forget The Cardio:

Of course men should do cardio on alternating days as well. Building strong abdominal muscles is hard, but it won't matter if the stomach is covered in a layer of fat. Use cardio exercise to burn the fat and show off those muscles you've been building.